UniCredit Research: Trump’s corporate tax cut may prompt Europe to follow

Economics Thinking No. 32 by UniCredit Research. The bottom line of this report: “While Mr. Trump might have a valid point in reducing tax pressure on American corporations, it would be much wiser to pursue some form of international policy coordination at the OECD level, to shelter tax revenues, avoid a “race to the bottom” and better regulate tax havens. However, this multilateral approach is miles away from Mr. Trump’s unilateral way of seeing the world.”

CitiFX Technicals Weekly Roundup

Weekly market commentary from CitiFX Technicals presenting charts of the week with 3 themes in focus: 1) medium term bullish USD view; 2) several currency pairs in Local Markets (USDZAR, USDBRL and USDCLP); 3) Asia FX – USD looks vulnerable again.

Top Trade Ideas 2017 from Credit Suisse

As a supplement to their 2017 Global Outlook, Credit Suisse market strategists have highlighted what they believe will be some of the top trades for financial markets in 2017. In this post we present the core views of Credit Suisse strategists for their markets and their preferred trades for the year ahead.

Trade of the Week from Barclays – Sell USDMXN

Barclays FX Thoughts for the Week Ahead – a report covering most important topics in FX space for the coming week (weekly events overview, trade of the week, data calendar).

Institutional Strategies: Morgan Stanley FX Pulse

Morgan Stanley FX Pulse weekly market research including the following chapters: FX Overview, Long-term JPY outlook, Strategic FX Portfolio Trade Recommendations, G10 and EM Currency Summaries, Global Event Risk Calendar, Macro forecasts and FX forecasts.

Forex Weekly Strategy from BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Global FX Plus weekly research report that covers FX Recommendations, FX Weekly Key Themes, G10 Themes, Local Markets, FX Volatility Focus, FX Positioning Analysis, Economic Calendar and Forecasts.

Forex Weekly Analysis from Societe Generale

Weekly publication from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research team covering Recent Forex strategy highlights, Technicals, Volatility, Emerging markets, Quantitative analysis, Trade summary, G10 FX Forecasts, EM FX Forecasts and Calendar.

Credit Suisse FX Daily Report April 1

If you wish to receive Credit Suisse FX Daily research report (and many other reports) on a daily basis, subscribe now or get a free 5-day trial. Today’s highlights: ■ EURUSD’s immediate risk stays higher for a challenge of the October 2015 high at 1.1495. ■ EURGBP stays bullish for .8009 at first then key […]

Morgan Stanley FX Morning – Next stage of the risk rally.

If you wish to receive Morgan Stanley FX Morning pdf report (and many other reports) on a daily basis, subscribe now or get a free 5-day trial. Morgan Stanley FX Morning – Global FX Strategy Daily Next stage of the risk rally. Investors that hadn’t participated in the risk rally may now have been seeing […]

Credit Suisse Technical Analysis – CS FX Daily Feb 24

If you wish to receive Credit Suisse technical analysis (and many other reports) on a daily basis, subscribe now or get a free 5-day trial. Today’s top trades from Credit Suisse technical analysis team. Today’s highlights: ■ GBPUSD stays in a bear trend for 1.40000 next, with our bigger picture target still at 1.3504, the […]

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