Dollar Skyrockets Following US Inflation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an economic downturn in numerous countries, including the U.S. While America has seen recovery in certain respects, The Guardian remarked that there is also inflation occurring in the US, with the prices of consumer goods having risen at an annual rate of 6.2% in October. Meanwhile, the core rate of goods that […]

Goldman Sachs Top of Mind: Europe at a Crossroads

Allison Nathan, Editor at Goldman Sachs and Co. LLC : “Europe’s forceful pandemic response, including an unprecedented program of fiscal risk sharing, combined with a new ruling coalition in Germany that’s likely to break from the fiscal conservatism of the Merkel era, looks set to put the Euro area on a path towards increased integration, […]

EURCHF Analysis from HSBC

EURCHF currency pair analysis presented by Dominic Bunning – Head of European FX Research at HSBC Bank.

Morgan Stanley Sunday Start Weekly Report

A Weekly publication from Morgan Stanley covering all major upcoming global macro events and a summary for the past week.

US Dollar Predictions 2021 from Two Investment Giants

In this article we are presenting some extracts from investment banks’ research with US dollar predictions 2021, currency market analysis and forecasts for this year, including views from HSBC and J.P.Morgan. HSBC: USD Outlook: Waiting to board The USD has been speeding ahead this year, leading many to question whether they are on the wrong […]

J.P.Morgan Forex Forecast 2021

J.P.Morgan Key Currency Views – USD more than just a one quarter wonder G10 FX continues to be driven by USD-supportive interest rate divergence, while EM has enjoyed stable US real yields and stronger global growth over the past month, punctuated with a series of idiosyncratic events. Biden’s fiscal plans and focus on Treasury supply […]

Sterling Outlook: Limited Recovery Amidst Brexit, Pandemic, and US Election Woes

2020 has been a difficult year for the British economy due to the fallout of the pandemic and Brexit. Yet, despite this there has been a limited recovery with the GBP/USD pair recently climbing above 1.2900 and reaching 1.2942. This was mostly spurred by encouraging UK data, a renewed risk-appetite, and the dollar’s weakness. Yet […]

GBP Forecast 2020 from HSBC Bank

In February’s edition of Currency Outlook – HSBC’s top FX publication – we can find bank’s GBP forecast 2020. According to HSBC’s views, GBP-USD should rally to 1.45 by year-end. Here’s an extract from the report: GBP: Theory of relativity “We expected the political certainty provided by December 2019’s clear election result in the UK […]

US Equity Market Outlook 2020 – J.P.Morgan

Let’s take a look at J.P.Morgan’s house views explained in US Equity Market Outlook 2020, which was published in December 2019 – before all fears caused by Coronavirus started to influence the markets. Extract from the report: “In 2019 the market faced two key headwinds, drag from tighter monetary policy and a substantial increase in […]

2020 FX Outlook: The Year of Living Dangerously

Credit Agricole investment bank’s analysts presenting their views and forecasts for the year ahead in the 2020 FX Outlook. Key FX Views & Forecasts Update We expect many of the risks that plagued the global economy in 2019 to intensify in 2020. We expect global growth to be weaker, dragged down by lingering protectionist threats […]

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